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German government demands information and documents from the European Commission

So far little is known about the specific content of the EU-US Privacy Shield. In a meeting of the Committee on the Digital Agenda in the German Bundestag on 17 February 2016, the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection, Ms. Voßhoff, confirmed once again, that both the German and European data protection authorities are still not aware of any information on a draft of a adequacy decision by the European Commission (notification of the Bundestag, German).

The German government seems to be getting impatient, as regards the precise content of the political agreement between the European Commission and the US Government. A document (pdf) from the German delegation in the Council of the European Union has now been published, which is addressed to the Presidency of the Council, in which the German delegation clarifies that “the upcoming weeks should be used for a close dialogue between the Member States, the Commission, the Article 29 Working Party and the US Government in order to achieve a legal framework that meets the conditions set out by the European Court of Justice”.

In its letter to the Presidency, the German delegation also invites the European Commission to provide the Member States in the Council with the details of the agreement with the American government and it shall provide all relevant documents to the Council. This would enable the Member States to assess the outcomes of the agreement and to enter into a close dialogue with all parties involved.

In the document, the Presidency also announces that this issue will be treated under Any Other Business at the meeting of the Competitiveness Council on 29 February 2016.